We view our customers as true partners and we strive to add as much value to their companies as they add to ours.

Garron Mosley


CARAGON is a company born from years of passion working with the transfer, manipulation/ aggregation and presentation of data.

During my time working within large companies over the past 21 years, I noticed a trend in that most companies were not optimally moving, analysing or using data. Basically they had no data strategy. Although limited in my time to address these issues, (they were never a focus of my core role as a developer) I started developing tools and processes to enable a more effective data strategy.

During my career I’ve overcome connection and transfer issues, security issues, limitations in aggregation tools, limitations and restrictions of reporting tools. I’ve been able to leverage customers current systems and infrastructure in a simple but effective manner to reduce the cost of ownership and increase the return on current investments.

CARAGON was created as a platform to deliver cost effective, efficient and automated solutions so that the mundane tasks of data management could free up company resources and allow them to analyse data rather than just processing it.

While our products may seem straightforward, the intricacies of what we do are a lot more complex, especially considering the critical importance of data integrity, the huge volumes of data ( terabytes)  and the cloud based structures. CARAGON’s data application could be seen as a “reverse” prism, allowing multiple inputs with one clear, consistent and definitive output.  

Every customer is unique in some way, however I believe our learning’s across multiple platforms, infrastructures and data storage types have allowed us to create a generic solution/prism that will cover the 80% of the 80/20. All this leaves us time to provide unique solutions based on individual customer needs.

Due to the constant evolution of customer needs, we are able to adapt our software to keep up to date with the most affordable, efficient technology in the market. In addition with our products being generic,  we are able to seamlessly move from platform to platform to ensure we leverage our customer’s investment in technology.

We view our customers as true partners and  we strive to add as much value to their companies, as they add to ours. The CARAGON team is built on this same principle; each individual brings unique  abilities to the company and in doing so, ensures the depth of the company’s resource and ability, is increased. Each and every employee is important to us and what we have is a strong chain, building a strong base, which allows us and our partners, to grow organically and consistently.

Garron Mosley