How Automation Can Deliver Time Savings For Finance Teams

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The McCabes Pharmacy Group has 28 pharmacies across Ireland, employing over 60 pharmacists and 400 front line staff. CARAGON have been providing data solutions for McCabes since 2015 and a big part of these solutions has been the introduction of automation to reduce the amount of time people spend on manual tasks.

A recent project we worked on, was the automation of data extraction from SAGE – The finance team in McCabes Pharmacy were spending 1 day each month extracting financial information from SAGE, for their 28 companies and presenting it for reporting. With a few days work in house and the introduction of automation into that workflow, we reduced the time spent from 1 day to 1 hour each month!

Commenting on the benefit of the automation, Conor McDonald, Group Finance Director said “there has been a significant time saving for the group, enabling the finance team to spend more time on value added activity”.

CARAGON is a business with a purpose; we want to facilitate freedom for end users, from mundane manual tasks with our data solutions. We are currently providing solutions for partners in in the health and retail sectors across Europe and the US.


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