What is a Data Management Platform?

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Today’s IT landscape is awash with systems, platforms & services, which results in businesses managing data sitting in multiple siloed systems and teams spending many, many hours manipulating that data, normally in Excel spreadsheets. At CARAGON we saw a need in the market for a platform to connect data from multiple sources and automate the manual processes around it, so we developed our own (it’s called CARAGON FLEX, by the way).

What is a Data Management Platform?

Somewhat Technical Description – At its most basic level it’s a tool or application that imports data from multiple systems and allows users to get a single view of their data in a consistent manner. At the higher end (which is where FLEX sits), the platform combines technology & tools (database functionality, forms, notifications, triggers, dashboards, reports etc) to transform the way organisations work.

Non Technical Description – One platform that connects everything, the flexibility and functionality to build applications that solve specific business problems and an easy to use interface to view and report on it all.

Who Uses It?

Any business that is trying to manage data across multiple systems and have teams that are spending too much time on manual processes. We have customers in retail, real estate, business consultancy but the majority of our customers are in health and specifically retail pharmacy and dental (that’s our background).

CARAGON is a data solutions company based in Limerick, Ireland. To find out more about us click here.


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