We are delighted to announce the newest CARAGON FLEX customer; Alpha Vitality Dental Group. Part of Riverdale Healthcare and backed by Apposite Capital Investment, Alpha Vitality is a 13 practice dental group operating in North Yorkshire and the North East England.

CARAGON FLEX is a data management platform that can solve many problems for our customers. For the Alpha Vitality Group, the problem was the amount of manual work required to process associate/dentist pay every month.  The number of moving parts involved in dental pay makes it very complex; public/private mix, associates and supporting services in numerous location, varying percentages and contract agreements.

CARAGON’s Associate Pay Solution has completely automated this time consuming monthly task and for the Alpha Vitality Group this means:

  • 90% Reduction on Time Spent Processing Pay automating the following:
    • Extraction of data from multiple sources (practice management systems, NHS Compass, insurance providers, accounting system),
    • Aggregation/presentation of that data into an actionable format to process pay,
    • Quality checking of figures,
    • Creation of remittance advice/payslips,
    • Automation of journal postings back into Xero (accounting system).
  • Instant Insight – all data in the platform can be viewed on dashboards and is available at the touch of a button.
  • An Audit Trail – the entire process has a data trail and once payments are made, the period can be closed off allowing no further changes.
  • A FLEXIBLE Platform -that is completely configurable for any future data needs and is scalable for a growing business.

Commenting on the solution, Ian Gordon, Managing Director of Alpha Vitality Group noted “When Tony Rudden presented CARAGON FLEX to us I immediately recognised where it could remove laborious manual data entry, provide more accurate outcomes and create reports (too timely to produce ourselves). The implementation of our Associate Pay Solution has been meticulous with cross referenced testing, giving me complete reassurance that the data output is accurate. The Associate Pay Solution is but one part of a package of solutions which FLEX can offer dental practice management, with an exciting product on Dental Assurance Framework launching soon”.

Our purpose at CARAGON, is to free up the amount of time our end users spend working with data and this ‘Associate Pay’ Solution in CARAGON FLEX is a perfect example of this. For more information check out

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