We are delighted to announce the newest CARAGON FLEX customer; Dentex, a 55 strong dental group in the UK.

At CARAGON we are all about solutions that free up our end users, from the amount of time they spend working with data and our Automated Associate Pay Solution is a perfect example of that. Traditionally the process of paying associates in a dental group has been very manual and time consuming, especially in scenarios like the Dentex one, where the practices are partners and all have varying levels of complexity. 

Brent Zurowski, Chief Financial Officer with Dentex commented. “The move to automate our associate pay with CARAGON FLEX  delivers an efficient solution that we can tailor to our specific needs and one that can scale with us as we continue to grow and should deliver cost savings to the business.”

Primary care data experts, CARAGON have been providing solutions in the market since 2015 with their data management platform, CARAGON FLEX. For more information see

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