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Tony co-founded CARAGON in 2015. As CEO, Tony is across all elements of the business with his primary focus being business development and leading CARAGON to the next level. Tony ‘s background is in development and technical sales, with specific medical industry experience. In his spare time, Tony enjoys time with his young family and switches off with his custom built home entertainment system.


A native of South Africa, Garron co-founded CARAGON Ireland in 2015. As CTO, Garron’s role is varied, while his primary responsibility is the company’s technology strategy, he does get involved in financials and the occasional client meeting. When he isn’t dedicating his time to data, Garron is an avid athlete and regularly competes in marathons, triathlons and Ironman.
Garron Mosley, Co Founder & CTO
Garron Mosley
Co-Founder & CTO


Trisha joined the CARAGON team in 2017 to head up the marketing function and took up the role of CCO in 2020. With over twenty years marketing experience in sport, construction and loyalty, Trisha's remit as CCO incorporates the marketing function in addition to a broader commercial responsibility for the growth and development of CARAGON. A young family doesn’t leave much spare time but she does make time to train and get to as many gigs as possible.
Trisha O'Gorman
CCO - Chief Commercial Officer


General Dental Practitioner with 34 years industry experience, Ian is currently Partner/CEO at Riverdale for the Alpha & Vitality Dental Groups after their acquisition of his group (Alpha) in 2019. Ian also serves as Chair of the North Yorkshire Local Dental Committee and Director of the Association of Dental Groups, the representative body for all corporate dental groups in the UK.
Ian Gordon, MD Alpha Dental & Director Riverdale Healthcare
Ian Gordon
Advisor - Dental Industry


Mick joined CARAGON in June 2016. A student of Computer Science & Physics in Galway and Applied Physics in Maynooth, Mick came to development after a few years on his family’s farm in Tipperary. A key member of the development team, Mick contributes on all projects. Out of the office, Mick is a avid fan of Crossfit and enjoys woodwork, welding and generally taking things apart so he can fix them again (some archetypal developer curiosity that we all benefit from in CARAGON).
Mick McGrath, Developer CARAGON
Mick McGrath


Our most remote member of the team (The Philippines), Rudy joined CARAGON as a SQL Developer in 2020. He brings a lot of Microsoft specific experience to the team; certified in MCSA (SQL Database Development) and over ten years working with Microsoft Database, SSIS and consulting on Power BI. As well as family life, when Rudy isn’t playing for team CARAGON he is on the court playing basketball.
Rudolph Domingo, SQL Developer, CARAGON
Rudolph Domingo
SQL Developer


Neil joined team CARAGON in May 2021 to manage the support function. With a background in sound engineering, web development and customer service, Neil brings a broad range of experience to the team. When he isn’t problem solving at work, Neil enjoys sea swimming, family time, cycling and gigs (written during lockdown when they are not even a thing!).
Neil Foster
Neil Foster
Support Technician

Vacant Developer Position

SQL Developer

CARAGON was created as a platform to deliver cost effective, efficient and automated solutions so that the mundane tasks of data management could free up company resources and allow them to analyse data rather than just processing it.

While our products may seem straightforward, the intricacies of what we do are a lot more complex, especially considering the critical importance of data integrity, the huge volumes of data (terabytes) and the cloud based structures. CARAGON’s data application could be seen as a ‘reverse’ prism, allowing multiple inputs with one clear, consistent and definitive output.  

Every customer is unique and has needs that are constantly evolving. Our learnings across multiple platforms, infrastructures and data storage types have allowed us to create a generic solution/prism to meet those needs. We are able to adapt our software to keep up to date with the most affordable, efficient technology in the market. In addition with our products being generic, we are able to seamlessly move from platform to platform to ensure we leverage our customer’s investment in technology.

We view our customers as true partners and we strive to add as much value to their companies, as they add to ours. The CARAGON team is built on this same principle; each individual brings unique abilities to the company and in doing so, ensures the depth of the company’s resources and ability is increased. Each and every employee is important to us and what we have is a strong chain, building a strong base, which allows us and our partners to grow organically and consistently.