We are delighted to announce the newest CARAGON FLEX customer; Dentex, a 55 strong dental group in the UK.

At CARAGON we are all about solutions that free up our end users, from the amount of time they spend working with data and our Automated Associate Pay Solution is a perfect example of that. Traditionally the process of paying associates in a dental group has been very manual and time consuming, especially in scenarios like the Dentex one, where the practices are partners and all have varying levels of complexity. 

Brent Zurowski, Chief Financial Officer with Dentex commented. “The move to automate our associate pay with CARAGON FLEX  delivers an efficient solution that we can tailor to our specific needs and one that can scale with us as we continue to grow and should deliver cost savings to the business.”

Primary care data experts, CARAGON have been providing solutions in the market since 2015 with their data management platform, CARAGON FLEX. For more information see



CARAGON and Portman Dental Care are today announcing their new data partnership. As part of the partnership, CARAGON will be providing 2 key solutions; the Automation of Associate Pay and Data Warehouse Management for the Portman Group, which includes a central support office (‘The Port’) and a network of over 100 practices.

CARAGON CEO Tony Rudden commented on the partnership “Portman have grown significantly in the last 10 years, but their principals of ‘best rather than the biggest’ and ‘patients first’ have remained and are perfectly aligned with the CARAGON values of ‘quality’ and ‘customers as partners‘. We are really looking forward to working with Portman over the coming months and hopefully years”.

Darren Milne, Finance Director noted, “while CARAGON are a small and relatively young company, the team’s decades of experience of dealing with data and years of primary care experience combined with the flexibility and efficiencies they can offer us, gave us the confidence to partner with CARAGON”.

Primary care data experts, CARAGON have been providing solutions in the market since 2015 with their data management platform, CARAGON FLEX. For more information see



We are delighted to announce the newest CARAGON FLEX customer; Alpha Vitality Dental Group. Part of Riverdale Healthcare and backed by Apposite Capital Investment, Alpha Vitality is a 13 practice dental group operating in North Yorkshire and the North East England.

CARAGON FLEX is a data management platform that can solve many problems for our customers. For the Alpha Vitality Group, the problem was the amount of manual work required to process associate/dentist pay every month.  The number of moving parts involved in dental pay makes it very complex; public/private mix, associates and supporting services in numerous location, varying percentages and contract agreements.

CARAGON’s Associate Pay Solution has completely automated this time consuming monthly task and for the Alpha Vitality Group this means:

  • 90% Reduction on Time Spent Processing Pay automating the following:
    • Extraction of data from multiple sources (practice management systems, NHS Compass, insurance providers, accounting system),
    • Aggregation/presentation of that data into an actionable format to process pay,
    • Quality checking of figures,
    • Creation of remittance advice/payslips,
    • Automation of journal postings back into Xero (accounting system).
  • Instant Insight – all data in the platform can be viewed on dashboards and is available at the touch of a button.
  • An Audit Trail – the entire process has a data trail and once payments are made, the period can be closed off allowing no further changes.
  • A FLEXIBLE Platform -that is completely configurable for any future data needs and is scalable for a growing business.

Commenting on the solution, Ian Gordon, Managing Director of Alpha Vitality Group noted “When Tony Rudden presented CARAGON FLEX to us I immediately recognised where it could remove laborious manual data entry, provide more accurate outcomes and create reports (too timely to produce ourselves). The implementation of our Associate Pay Solution has been meticulous with cross referenced testing, giving me complete reassurance that the data output is accurate. The Associate Pay Solution is but one part of a package of solutions which FLEX can offer dental practice management, with an exciting product on Dental Assurance Framework launching soon”.

Our purpose at CARAGON, is to free up the amount of time our end users spend working with data and this ‘Associate Pay’ Solution in CARAGON FLEX is a perfect example of this. For more information check out



CARAGON, the Limerick based data solutions company has secured another round of funding, allowing them to move into the next growth phase. Established in 2015 and named as one of Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Startups, CARAGON received seed funding from Enterprise Ireland and the Angel Investment Fund in conjunction with Growing Capital in 2016. This second round of funding involves private investment from Gianni Matera of Growing Capital and Sean Reilly, who has years of experience in pharmacy IT and data management.

Commenting on this next round of funding Gianni noted “Tony & Garron have done great work in the last 2 years and I’m happy for them to return for an increment, to get them to the next level, as is often the case with startups. CARAGON is one of a small number of Irish tech startups I invested in and they are in good company with the likes of Glofox, Popertee and Tenderscout”.

Their Data Management Platform;  CARAGON FLEX is transforming primary care operations in Ireland and the UK. The platform is a cloud based environment to connect all data sources, build powerful applications (allowing for things like automation of manual processes and creation of 2-way communication with stores) and measure it all, with custom dashboards & reports.

On his recent investment Sean Reilly commented “I have known the guys for a number of years and when I saw the difference they were making for customers in pharmacy and dental, I knew I had to be a part of it”.

The company are working on increasing their market share in the Irish and UK primary care market and this additional funding will allow them to increase the workforce from 7 to 11 in the next few months so they can further innovate the solution and look to new markets.


CARAGON Customers Benefit From Enhanced Performance With Move To Serverless Environments

We are delighted to be rolling out the Microsoft Azure Serverless Environment for all our clients over the coming months.

Commenting on the move, Garron Mosley, CARAGON CTO said, “We use ‘best of breed’ technologies to deliver our solutions. We started with Google Cloud, (Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure), which enabled us to develop a SaaS platform (CARAGON FLEX) that is scalable for multiple customers, industries and markets.

Working with the major global cloud computing offerings (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS) allows small companies like us to move forward very quickly and ensure our customers always have access to the most efficient, accurate and time saving solutions within the data space.

A Microsoft Azure Serverless Environment is just another of those steps forward. For our customers it means better performance on demand, shorter development cycles, better notification and no time consuming decisions around infrastructure. For us it means we can concentrate on what we are good at, delivering data solutions”.

CARAGON FLEX is a Data Management Platform, which offers users one single secure environment to connect all data sources, build powerful applications, automate manual processes and measure it all with inbuilt dashboards & reports. For more information check out